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Air Sleep System naturally contours to your body to provide Better spinal alignment, placing the vertebrae in a straight and natural position, Elimination of pressure points as body weight is evenly distributed, Natural support of the entire body for greater relief of lower back pain, Enhanced circulation and Greater overall comfort. Air Sleep Systems are Adjustable, Personalized and allow Independent Mattress Firmness. The correct firmness of a mattress varies from person to person, therefore, the Air Sleep System lets you choose the firmness that is right for you at the touch of a button. Dual air chambers allow you and your partner to independently choose your desired firmness and level of support. Further, our Air support system will not degrade over the life of the mattress, Vulcanized rubber air mattresses with I-beam construction offers many years of total sleeping comfort and Premium foam edge support ensures durable and dependable long lasting performance
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Superior frame designs hand crafted in Canada with the finest solid woods. A full line of futon mattresses to meet your every need exceeding industry standards. We start with a canvas like ticking which is incredibly strong. Our futons have 2 seams,unlike most futons, ours have a top, a side, and a bottom. We use a lace tuft that is sewn twice through the mattress and compressed at 500lbs per square inch to ensure no shifting. This method is far superior to the old style plastic tuft. Over 200 designer fabrics to fit any home decor.
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